Nude rose

We went for a coffee and, since I was wearing a pink nail polish, I decided to include some nude rose:


White skirt

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Five ways of wearing the same dress

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Playing with your clothes

This is something I love to do and have fun with.


Boots: a love affair

I love boots, and I will wear them while I still can. After all, it doesn't quite feel like Spring yet, right?


The purpose of a fashion blog or style diary

I have just read a poll on IFB asking why we visit (fashion) blogs.

In my case, it's mainly for inspiration. But I don't want to get inspiration from celebrities... I like to check everyday pictures of regular people.

I don't mind if there is one or two fashion tips on the way, or a small text. I don't mind reading about a new product or promotion. But not all the time.

Some people start as independent bloggers and get kind of greedy when they realize they can make money out of it. Lots of cool blogs have been spoiled--in all senses--because of that. I give up on blogs with lots of advertising. I give up on bloggers I feel are not sincere and just want to sell a product.

It's hard to display our own pictures. For me, aside from the dedication it takes, I don't quite enjoy the show-off, but that's what really helps--myself and others. Myself, because I can learn from the experiments and exercise my creativity. Others, because of the inspiration we get from each other. Style blogs are vain? Sometimes, yes. But they don't have to be. I've been reading fashion magazines since I was a girl, and most of them include the "street fashion" section. Does it differ from what we (I) do? The answer is no. What changed is that the internet has made it easier for the audience to broadcast their own ideas... what can be, but not necessarily is, stupid and futile.


Bye, bye, cropped jacket

As I've mentioned, I am moving and getting rid of some stuff. This cropped jacket is being worn for the last time as it is remarkably old and it no longer matches any of my clothes.


More on Patterns

After seeing the pictures I took yesterday and struggling with every mirror I bumped into, I got to the conclusion that I may not love (different) patterns that much.
I am also not sure whether I want to keep this blouse or not. I am moving and it's a good time to make such resolutions.

Here's another look with it. I like this one better.


Red Pants -- another option

This is another outfit I wore yesterday.

I can't believe that now that I decided to have a blog, Blogger has been experiencing problems for over 24 hours. It's messy here, but I hope it will go back to normal.


Grey-Patterned Blouse

The same grey-patterned dress, worn here as a blouse.


About this blog

I love reading fashion blogs. I love seeing outfits, polishes, makeup hints and the like. Which woman doesn't? Quite a few, I would guess.

Sometimes we like a specific pair of shoes, and buy it. We like a dress, a blouse... and buy it. It can't be done all the time, though... and it doesn't have to, anyway. A cool style doesn't depend on the brands we wear. It depends a lot more on our attitude and creativity.

That said, my blog will be as follows: my clothes, different matches, one or two acquisitions on the way. My blog won't be about famous brands, because what really matters is the pieces I wear, and not where I bought them. This is my opinion.


Style consciousness -- and conscience

  • smile;
  • pay attention to your body language ("what am I saying with my gestures and posture?");
  • only buy things you really love;
  • spend on accessories;
  • avoid "orphans" and "widows";
  • when you buy something new, think about at least three items that you already have and can wear with it;
  • always remember the "cost per use": if you pay 100 dollars for something you wear 10 times a year, each time you wear it you will be spending 10 dollars;
  • be creative and try to modify your clothes.

Adapted from here.