I can only remember where I got the shoes and the belt (Ardene) and the bag (Forever 21). Oh, the jeans was bought in Uruguay. But, when we like an outfit, following the style is more important than buying the exact same pieces, right?


I ♥ this skirt

What I remember:
Skirt: Zara
Bag: Forever XXI



Here's exactly what I wear on my lazy days: red, black, and white - and maybe some polkadots (the extra bag is for a trip to the library).


Hubby's style

Here and there, my husband gets some shirts he doesn't enjoy that much (yes, they may come from me, but not for me; not on purpose, at least ;-).

Whenever possible, I grab some items from his closet...

Here's what I've chosen for today:


Shirt: Pierre Cardin.
Sweater: was given to me years ago.
Boots: Urban Outfitters.
Bag: bought in a gift shop in Ottawa.
Necklace: boutique @ the Canadian Museum of Civilization.
Skirt: Hering.
Legwarmers: Dollarama (!).

Bag closeup:

Shoes and legwarmers: