Christmas in Montreal

With hubby having to work 2 or 3 days in Montreal, I packed and joined him for a very nice Christmas trip. It was my second time in Montreal and, despite the cold, I had a much better impression of the people and the city itself. We ate a lot at local places and I could speak some French + do some shopping. I found out that Serge Henri, Rodízio Brasil, Paris Crêpes, Firegrill and Guido & Angelina are great places to eat, that the tradicional B-Barn has a terrible service, and that Boris Bistrô has good food and good service but the environment is a little too noisy. (Brasserie t!, recommended by a friend, was closed for the holidays.)

Delicious crêpes and poutines...

I got super happy with my new yellow coat, which I got at Old Navy. The bag is from Guess. As for the other items... sorry; can't remember :-( 

Happy 2013!

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