My second time buying at She Inside

So I finally got to wear this dress I got from She Inside that I had loved so much on the website. It's super nice in person as well, but I could've ordered a medium instead of a large (decided to go for the large because a couple of girls had mentioned it ran small). I paired it with leggings, over-the-knee boots (yes, by Ardene!), a necklace with an Eiffel Tower charm and a handbag (Guess).

It's the second time I bought something from She Inside, and I think it works pretty well. I didn't like to buy clothes online, but I haven't been disappointed so far. Do you have any experiences to share? It's always good to know what works and what doesn't.
I know those aren't the best pictures in the universe, but I am not a professional photographer.

Happy Friday, everyone!

P.S. Some time later, I did get rid of this dress. The sizing wasn't appropriate. It was, at the same time, too petite and too large, if you know what I mean. The arms were too short and it made me feel fat, not only because I might've been fat (LOL), but also because of the size and the ruffles. I loved it when I got it, wore it enough times to justify the amount of money I spent on it, and donated it. I hope the person who got it is enjoying the dress more than my packed closet was.

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  1. That dress is so cute!! I absolutely love the big white collars, so pretty!