Union Jack

I love this Union Jack sweater that I got from She Inside. The only problem is that it calls too much attention: everybody likes it, comments on it... and remembers it! So if I wear it too often it seems like I don't have anything else to wear, if you know what I mean.

Today I decided to wear it with these red combat boots. I'm not sure whether I really liked it or not. I don't know if you can see it, but I'm wearing legwarmers as well, because I think the boots are a bit too loose--and my legs, too thin (only my legs, though).

Also, I don't know who's going to realise it, but the sweater looks a little wet. Real life: I was brushing my teeth or something like that before going to work.

Originally, I wasn't going to wear the skirt, but I decided to put on one more layer because of the cold. What a long winter, eh?

Take care,

ღ Pat


  1. I just found your blog...somehow. :) I really like this outfit, I think, the red boots go perfectly with the sweater, they're about the same shade. I get what you mean by wearing it too much...that's the curse of statement pieces like this one...:/

    1. Thank you for your visit! Yes... that's why we should think twice before buying any statement piece. I only buy it if I really love it and it's not that expensive : ))
      Take care,