A little about myself

I'm a teacher. I get home by mid-afternoon, ultra tired, when I have to prepare my classes and clean my apartment, do laundry and such. I sometimes feel I should go out more and, also, exercise on a regular basis.

But my life gets busier during the summer: that's when I work more, that's when I don't feel like dressing up, that's when the warm weather makes me feel lazy (it should be the opposite, I know, but I'm more of a winter gal).

Now, good, the fall is coming, and let's see what I can do. Also, I got a nice camera. I still don't have the tripod, though (unbelievable). But, no, I haven't given up on having a blog. Why is it so hard for me? Writing is not a problem. Maybe the design is. The pictures. But is it just me, or do you girls also need to spend a long time working on your blogs until they get close to what you had imagined? Mine never gets to please me enough.

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