OMG, this is me + how I've been dressing so far: a blouse, maybe a cardigan, leggings, boots. It's comfortable for work, but I feel I urgently need to take some time and make some combinations (at night, because in the morning I just grab the first thing I see in the closet).

Shame on me. I don't really think I should be more organized. I think I should stop wasting time and knowing exactly what I want to do and when I'll do it. I should have an even tighter schedule, but one that works: I must have to know exactly what to do, and when - and stop wondering and wandering about... I think I have an issue with time. Time management. But it's not only that. I sometimes know what I want to do, but don't know exactly how, so I spend a long time thinking and trying and not having the result I expected.

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