Winter in Québec City

Sometimes you show nothing but your boots, (part of) your pants, gloves, a coat, a scarf, a toque, earmuffs, and a bag - and that's a lot! So I went for a colourful touristic bag (large enough to accommodate what I had to carry while exploring the town), legwarmers with pompons, black and white mittens and a kind of a tiger-stamped pattern in black and grey.

P.S. I was pretty sad during this trip when I ripped my coat on an aged table at a restaurant. I love this coat, which makes me feel warmer than no other because it has two layers on the top - similar to a vest, maybe -, and the perfect length. It was an incredible hard task trying to find something to replace it. I got three coats, returned one, and still wasn't satisfied. Then I finally decided to get it repaired: I bought a small Canadian flag that was sewn on the arm, and voilà. I've got to show this here someday. Now it looks like a brand or a "proudly Canadian" thing. I still wear one of the coats I got (because it's not as warm as this one and and it has a hood, which this one doesn't, and both of them have advantages depending on the day). As for the second one, I didn't wear it last Winter, because it wasn't cold enough in Toronto, and it's heavy. All in all, I still prefer my old one, the first one I got in Canada, for an extremely low price but extremely suitable as well.

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