I swear it's blue!

This blue sweater was bought at a supersale at H&M. And I'm still being lazy and extremely simple in my outfits...

I love this scarf. They make the composition look lighter, even funnier or happier. The bag is really old, and I'm even thinking that I should get rid of it. I rarely wear it, and it's not really "in" anymore. One good thing about having a "style blog" is that you start using pieces of clothes, jewelry and accessories which you would never pick for a normal day, so you end up enjoying the options you have a little further.

P.S. After a year, however, I ended up donating this sweater. After being washed a few times, it just got too loose and full of fuzz balls (you get what you pay for, right? I'm not complaining... just accepting - after all, it was my choice :-). But, besides, I've been tired of everything that has a purple or violet colour or detail on it, and finally accepted that the sweater was not blue: it was rather purple. I am so crazy, aren't I? But no, I haven't gotten rid of it just because of the colour. It no longer looked pretty or neat. I tried to wear it as pajamas (yes, crazy!) a couple of times, but it didn't work that well and I thought it wasn't necessary: if I want pajamas, I should really get pajamas instead of wearing old clothes. I still do this king of thing sometimes, I confess ;-)



Two posts in a row? I can't believe it!

Unfortunately, I don't always think I look good enough to be photographed, especially when I get home from work and feel a lot tired. Plus, I don't wear makeup everyday, but definitely have to improvise if I want to post a public picture. Finally, there is the editing part, which can be boring. I really should (and am considering doing that) have a pattern and style for everything: I should post more constantly, I should write more, I should create an identity for my pictures and they should have a common size. All in all, I should be more organised and should get more serious about blogging - because writing, especially writing, is something I love to do. I love taking pictures, for sure, but not too much of myself... I used to, but I think I'm feeling a little too old for that.

Now, about the outfit. I don't usually wear pink - it's not one of my favourite colours, but when I saw this skirt I just couldn't help buying it. Then I already had a pink scarf that was a good match, and added a neutral colour: black. Black is my favourite colour when it comes to clothing. It definitely makes us look thinner. For accessories, like scarves, gloves and glasses, I usually choose red, maybe because I love red lipsticks. Therefore, when I wear pink, red lipsticks aren't a great choice. I like dressing in brown as well, and in black and white. I'm a big fan of polkadots. I don't think grey suits me, and I love adding a pop of colour, like a yellow coat or a green bag, but I don't usually wear too many colours at the same time. And I'm wearing an over-the-knee boot, too, which is something I rarely do. They really help with the cold, though!


Because I like to keep memories of what I'm wearing. I really do. This king of... blouses (?) are really not expensive at all and, mysteriously, I usually get compliments when I wear them, so I think they must fit well. I've got two of them, and this is my favourite. It's very easy for me - especially during the Canadian winter, spring or fall, to just pick up a pair of black leggings, a pair of boots and a choose a nice blouse, dress or T-shirt to go with it. Oh, yes, I surely have to wear a jacket or a coat when it's chillier, but those are my preferred outfits - except for the summer, when I really like wearing dresses - or, sometimes, skirts.

As I've said, it's great to keep track of what you're wearing, not only because you may have more ideas of what to pick when your creativity is low, but also because it brings you memories. Just like scents and music, seeing pictures of former outfits is capable of taking you to a different time and making you rethink your life, retaining what is good and getting rid of what isn't... I'm not talking about clothing items here, but about our personality and routine. What am I doing now that is making me happy? What isn't? What was my life like some years ago? What was I doing? What was I going through? Was I happy? Why? There are always a lot of things to think about, and there's always room for improvement. Undoubtedly.