I swear it's blue!

This blue sweater was bought at a supersale at H&M. And I'm still being lazy and extremely simple in my outfits...

I love this scarf. They make the composition look lighter, even funnier or happier. The bag is really old, and I'm even thinking that I should get rid of it. I rarely wear it, and it's not really "in" anymore. One good thing about having a "style blog" is that you start using pieces of clothes, jewelry and accessories which you would never pick for a normal day, so you end up enjoying the options you have a little further.

P.S. After a year, however, I ended up donating this sweater. After being washed a few times, it just got too loose and full of fuzz balls (you get what you pay for, right? I'm not complaining... just accepting - after all, it was my choice :-). But, besides, I've been tired of everything that has a purple or violet colour or detail on it, and finally accepted that the sweater was not blue: it was rather purple. I am so crazy, aren't I? But no, I haven't gotten rid of it just because of the colour. It no longer looked pretty or neat. I tried to wear it as pajamas (yes, crazy!) a couple of times, but it didn't work that well and I thought it wasn't necessary: if I want pajamas, I should really get pajamas instead of wearing old clothes. I still do this king of thing sometimes, I confess ;-)

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