Two posts in a row? I can't believe it!

Unfortunately, I don't always think I look good enough to be photographed, especially when I get home from work and feel a lot tired. Plus, I don't wear makeup everyday, but definitely have to improvise if I want to post a public picture. Finally, there is the editing part, which can be boring. I really should (and am considering doing that) have a pattern and style for everything: I should post more constantly, I should write more, I should create an identity for my pictures and they should have a common size. All in all, I should be more organised and should get more serious about blogging - because writing, especially writing, is something I love to do. I love taking pictures, for sure, but not too much of myself... I used to, but I think I'm feeling a little too old for that.

Now, about the outfit. I don't usually wear pink - it's not one of my favourite colours, but when I saw this skirt I just couldn't help buying it. Then I already had a pink scarf that was a good match, and added a neutral colour: black. Black is my favourite colour when it comes to clothing. It definitely makes us look thinner. For accessories, like scarves, gloves and glasses, I usually choose red, maybe because I love red lipsticks. Therefore, when I wear pink, red lipsticks aren't a great choice. I like dressing in brown as well, and in black and white. I'm a big fan of polkadots. I don't think grey suits me, and I love adding a pop of colour, like a yellow coat or a green bag, but I don't usually wear too many colours at the same time. And I'm wearing an over-the-knee boot, too, which is something I rarely do. They really help with the cold, though!

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