Seriously, I'm back with fresh daily outfits?!

Yes, that's what you've read: I'm back. I'm over 40 now. I want to document my minimalistic wardrobe, how I wear pieces over and over again, but always making some changes here and there. Also, I want (who doesn't? Lucky you...) to lose some weight, and I believe that, by seeing what I wear and how horrible it may look, or how better it used to look, I may feel more motivated when it's 9 p.m. and I'm craving... "where are the sweets?"

So, there you go, what I've been wearing, my struggles with my blue-ish/green-ish hair that I coloured blue with Colorista and never goes back to the original colour (someone recommended Head&Shoulders, and it really seems to be working).

This is what I wore today. After seeing the picture, I felt sadly huge in this dress.

 This is what I wore yesterday. It worked well (except for my hair).

This is what I wore Sunday, for a long walk. Just decided to add some colours and prioritize green. I was comfortable.

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